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OliGrow® is a member of the Avecia family of services. As the market leader in process development, advanced clinical, and commercial oligonucleotide outsourcing, Avecia is committed to building value for our customers. From early pre-clinical research to market, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of services designed to fit your needs.

OliGrow® operates within a dedicated facility in Avecia’s Cincinnati, OH plant. Using instrumentation, methods, and analytics designed for scalability and consistency through the development process, OliGrow® delivers pre-clinical material with Avecia’s built-in quality and expertise. And because Avecia can take these pre-clinical programs through to commercialization, customers can take advantage of a seamless, one shop CMO experience for their non-GMP and clinical batches. Building compound knowledge with Avecia from the beginning can minimize the risks and expenses incurred as programs progress, including costly tech transfers, process surprises, and extensive development time. 

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