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  • DNA = A, C, G, T, 5MeC [for 5-Me-dC]
  • RNA = rA, rG, rC, rU
  • 2′ O-Methyl RNA = mA, mG, mC, mU, m5MeC [for 2′-OMe, 5-Me C]
  • 2ʹ-O-methoxyethyl RNA = moeA, moeG, moeC, moeU, moe5MeC, moe5MeU [for 2ʹ-moe 5-methyl cytidine and uridine]
  • Locked RNA = lnA, lnG, lnC, lnU, ln5MeC, ln5MeU [for locked RNA 5-methyl cytidine and uridine]
  • 2′-F-RNA = fA, fG, fC, fU
  • Phosphodiester bases = –
  • Phosphorothioated bases = *

Standard testing included with each sequence

AppearanceVisualWhite to off-white powder
PurityHPLCNLT 85% or NLT 90%; as requested
Identity, MWESI-MS+/- 0.05% [3Da for theoretical MW of 6,000]
Endotoxin; if purchasedLAL AssayReport Result
Additional Testing Requested
*Endotoxin testing only available for quantities of oligo above 250 mg
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.