A comprehensive solution

We offer custom oligonucleotide manufacture for non-cGMP applications. All oligonucleotides are synthesized, purified, and desalted using processes pre-tailored for large scale manufacturing. Products are analyzed in house using phase-appropriate analytical methods. Our team can handle a wide array of chemistries and sequence types.

Complex chemistry capabilities

Our scientists have the experience to go beyond standard chemistries. We can perform biotransformations and all types of conjugation reactions, including conjugation to biomacromolecules. We routinely make longmers and CRISPR sequences. We can even make sequences using your proprietary amidites if necessary to accelerate your preclinical development efforts. Bring your most challenging chemistry to Nitto Avecia.

Reduce risk, right from the start

Our OliGrow service delivers preclinical material with Nitto Avecia’s built-in quality and expertise. We can take your project from 100 mg of preclinical material to hundreds of kilograms of commercial supply. Building compound knowledge with Nitto Avecia from the beginning can minimize the risks and expenses incurred as projects progress, including costly tech transfers, process surprises, and extensive development time.

Providing a human touch

Your oligonucleotide is not just another sequence entered into a web portal and made using robotic systems. Our experienced technical team will evaluate the most appropriate methods for your sequence’s chemistry, and our project managers are available to answer questions and keep you updated on the status of your project.