A new manufacturing platform

Conventional oligonucleotide manufacturing uses a batch process. Our team is developing a new continuous synthesizer and alternative purification and separation technologies that include smart PAT (Process Analytical Technologies) systems. The goal is a fully automated ISPE Pharma 4.0 process to reduce cycle times, resulting in higher throughput and product yields making production at the ton scale possible.

Greener manufacturing

The conventional method for synthesizing oligonucleotides requires an excess of phosphoramidites and large volumes of solvents that must be disposed of as hazardous waste. Our new process eliminates amidite and solvent waste. This reduces material costs and impact on the environment.

Dedicated global team

Nitto Avecia is fully committed to innovating the oligonucleotide manufacturing process and we have committed the necessary resources to do it. The Technology Innovation group is located at our Milford, MA site where team members have access to equipment and lab space dedicated for innovation work. Scientists and engineers at Nitto sites across the globe support the team’s work.

Let’s innovate together!

We are looking for customers and partners who share our vision to change the way oligonucleotides will be produced. Let’s discuss how our novel approach to manufacturing can be applied to your novel oligonucleotide therapeutics.